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 Folk , Folk - rock , Psych -folk -rock


John Strang, Valentine Lewis Lloyd & Martin Farquharson (UK): The Masterpeace (No label, 1968).

Fmt: LP Ltd 500   sclp 008 sir john strang - the masterpeace (1968, uk) gatefold


"Only two copies have resurfaced of this interesting album, pressed in a tiny run of 50. With the three members appearing separately and together on the numerous fragmentary songs, it's largely a solo vehicle for John Strang, with the other members playing a limited role; Valentine Lewis Lloyd appears on just three songs. Musically, it's a quiet and delicate folk LP with sparse acoustic and occasionally electric instrumentation and a subtle psychedelic edge, at various times hinting towards Vashti Bunyan, the Incredible String Band and Tony,
Caro & John." Richard Falk.




Martin Farquharson on bass, Electric Organ, Spanish Guitar.

Valentine Lewis Lloyd on backing vocals, guitar.


Recorded April 1968. Recording by Randolph Glanville.



Side 1
1. "I Am The Crab No 1" (0:47)
2. "Village School" (2:07)
3. "Seagull No 3" (4:58)
4. "Late In The Day" (4:45)
5. "Dreams" (1:46)
6. "Madame Bartholemew" (0:43)
7. "What'cha Gonna Do" (2:52)
8. "Acid Albatross" (1:40)
9. "Little Fat Man" (1:29)
10. "Butterfly" (1:08)
11. "Ge-Bomb" (2:37)


Side 2
1. "I Am The Crab No 2" (1:02)
2. "Masterpeace No 1" (4:26)
3. "Twisted Tree" (2:22)
4. "Swallow No 7" (2:17)
5. "He Was Only A Child" (2:45)
6. "Blistered Blades Of Grass" (1:32)
7. "No Money To Pay" (1:56)
8. "Love Grew In The Night" (3:03)
9. "Little Anna" (0:47)
10. "Masterpeace 2" (2:42)
11. "I Am The Crab" (outro) (0:59)



Astonishingly rare and misunderstood seminal folk rock lp privately made in wales by the 17 yr old strang and his two friends. strang collected the 25 copy pressing from the studios in 1968 and carried them several miles home in a rucksack on foot. in present day sir john strang is an eminent psychiatrist and leading authority on the psychiatry of drug addiction, being knighted by the Queen for his work with heroin addicts. his shadow self has privately recorded donovan–esque folk rock since the mid sixties, yet only a few of his songs have ever been heard, with just 2 posted on youtube. comparisons have been made to vashti bunyan, whom this lp predates in style...but delve into the dark and literate lyrics of this lp and a much more complex vista emerges, at over 54 minutes the lp gets stronger on side two, interleaved with gradually more menacing versions of a song called "the crab" in which the nature of reality is questioned, strang's nascent interest in the workings of the mind emerge in the obscure lyrics, and though on the surface his lp appears to be delicate donovan–like folkrock, the recurring motif is Death, with references to the atrocities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and an odd connection to the disturbing play, later film, Equus. the lp title itself refers not to the hippie dream of love and peace, but to the master of all peace, the final and total death of all mankind. value is estimated to be £1500–2500. it's seminal in that no one was writing lyrics like this until peter hammil surfaced. valentine lloyd lewis adds some female vocal tracks.



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This incredible label will feature some the rarest, most sought after and most expensive British private pressings and acetates of progressive rock and folk rock from 1965-1978.

Here are the releases...

vinyl 12" lps, textured covers, pressed by deepgrooves using environmental principles on presses powered by biomass consequently not shrinkwrapped to avoid unnecessary toxic plastic waste

seelie court is a new archival record label with a repertoire of over 50 lps already lined up for release, most are sourced from a private collection of super rare and often completely unknown british acetate and private pressing lps dating from 1965-1978, the most valuable lps that exist. lps like anaconda (post Arcadium) and Barney James (technically a 3rd Warhorse lp) are undocumented and have been kept in a black box for decades the label will issue progressive rock and folk rock 1965-1978 and post punk/new wave 1976-1982 on a sub label.

audio restoration is by Reynolds Mastering, England. engineered and restored by an industry genius who specialises in complex restoration techniques utilising pure craftsmanship acquired from decades of experience, Reynolds projects range from restoring delicate decca classical

recordings to 30 cd wishbone ash box sets, using a treasure trove of invaluable ex BBC studios analogue equipment and the latest digital to work sonic miracles


UK label, famous for re-issuing and releasing unknown archival recordings of very rare, very good, and very British Progressive Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelic, Underground , Esoteric, and Jazz Rock albums, 1965 -1978, actively looking for more recordings to release. Owns permanent rights in many LPs so repertoire will stay in print indefinitely at lower price brackets.

Many releases have never been properly issued before so although vintage archival recordings are not technically reissues.

Sleeve notes are usually written by original band members.

Mastering is done from the best available sources given the archival nature of the recordings, Engineering and Audio Restoration is by an industry genius in Essex, using a treasure trove of priceless Ex BBC analogue equipment, specialist stylii, and the latest high end digital. The engineer (Pete) has restored part of Decca' s legendary Classical series and the archives of Wishbone Ash and John Mayall, his work is unparalleled.

Graphic Design by Seelie Court and Bobby Blisters of legendary Post Punk Neo Mod band The Blisters.

Label policy when mastering from vinyl is that a residue of surface noise is preferable to compressing the bejeezus out of the music Many old reissues have destroyed the high frequencies in pursuit of 'silent running' using Cedar declicking programmes etc.

Recordings are issued with band members participation and final approval under contract.

The label has decided to issue a few recordings it considers important where the bands are untraceable or possibly deceased, these lps are in the MMIA SERIES ("musicians missing in action") and are issued with full transparency. It may be the only way to get any surviving members to come out of the woodwork.

Sub Label due in Jan 2021 releasing archival New Wave, Punk and Post Punk albums.

The label does not use Shrinkwrap due to its Environmental policy. Shrinkwrap is an unnecessary pollutant and can also damage lps by shrinking and causing warps, or by being applied before lps have cooled also causing warps.

Founded by a higher order of elves intent on the destruction of mankind and reinstatement of Faery Rule and Earthly Paradise. All monies help arm Goblin Armies to wipe out homo sapien infestation of Midgard


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