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RN - Realizacja Natychmiastowa oznacza że towar znajduje się na stanie magazynowym sklepu i zostanie wysłany do klienta w ciągu 2 - 3 dni roboczych

RM - realizacja do 30 dni

RC - realizacja może potrwać powyżej 30 dni

D - DELETED - produkt niedostępny - proszę nie zamawiać do momentu zmiany oznaczenia

W przypadku wybrania metody płatności: "Przedpłata na konto" klient powinien dokonać wpłaty dopiero po powiadomieniu przez sprzedawcę o gotowej realizacji zamówienia.

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Tytuł: Planet Gong :

Live Floating Anarchy 1977
Wytwórnia: Charly
Rok: 1977/RN

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Prog - rock , Psych - rock , Space - rock



1   Psychological Overture 2:36
2   Floatin' Anarchy 5:15
3   Stone Innoc Frankenstein 3:18
4   New Age Transformation Try / No More Sages 12:06
5   Opium For The People 4:23
6   Allez Ali Baba Black-Sheep Have You Any Bullshit / Mama Maya Mantram 15:01



Bass – Keith Missile Bass

Choir – Anni Wombat, Suze Da Blooz

Drums – Kif Kif Le Batteur

Guitar, Guitar [Glissando] – Prof. S. Sharpstrings P.A.

Guitar, Guitar [Glissando], Vocals – Dingbat Alien

Synthesizer – Gavin Da Blitz

Vocals [Space Whisper], Voice [Poem] – Gilli Smyth, Shakti Yoni



Live album of the short-lived reunion of Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth (ex-Gong), with Here & Now (3) rehearsing and touring as Planet Gong (2) between October and December 1977. The recording is from a concert in Toulouse, France on December 6th, 1977, except one track ("Opium For The People", also issued as a single) which was recorded in studio in Paris. The live recording was mixed by Daevid Allen in Deia in end-December 1977 or early January 1978.

The album was released during the second Planet Gong tour organised for March-April 1978. But Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth pulled out by late March and the band decided to revert back to the Here & Now moniker for the rest of the tour in April 1978, So when the 'Live Floating Anarchy" album was released, Planet Gong had ceased to exist

The album was first released simultaneously by LTM in France (in a black & white sleeve) and Charly Records in the UK (in a colored sleeve). Original copies of the album urged buyers to pay no more than £1.50 or better still to steal it, and had a black and white drawing on the cover with the suggestion that the owner coloured it in. The version issued by Charly saw the price increased to £2.25 – though the extra 75p did mean the cover came in colour.
Since it's release, "Live Floating Anarchy 1977" has reportedly sold tens of thousands of copies, but the band members have never received any royalties.



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