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Wytwórnia:Long Hair


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Prog - rock

Nowa reedycja albumu .Remaster 2022.

Wydanie 180 gram


side A

A1   Birth - The Beginning/Written-By – Baker 3:58
A2   Out Of Time/Written-By – Baker 4:30
A3   Make Your Peace/Written-By – Everitt 5:20
A4   Your's Claudia/Written-By – Baker 2:51
A5   Prelude (To 'Your Country Needs You?') 3:00

       Written- By – Everitt*, Baker, Sewell, Sturgeon*, Clements
A6   Your Country Needs You? 3:35

      Written-By – Everitt, Baker, Sewell, Sturgeon, Clements

side B
B1   A Dawning Moonshine/Written-By – Baker 3:52
B2   Years And Fortunes/Written-By – Baker 4:01
B3   A Prayer For Her/Written-By – Baker 2:53
B4   Light Up A Light/Written-By – Baker 3:23
B5   On A Lonely Night/Written-By – Baker 4:16
B6   Grandfather/Written-By – Baker 2:36



Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Dave Sewell

Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals – Chris Baker

Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Lead Vocals – Barry Everitt

Percussion, Drums – John Clements

Saxophone, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jim Sturgeon

Vocals – Chris Baker  (tracks: A4)


This is an official reissue under courtesy of Cherry Red Records of this highly sought after album, originally released in February 1971 as Square Records 103 in the UK. The album is an obscure but genuinely impressive example of the British late psychedelic/early progressive rock sound, firmly in the same vein as the likes of the Moody Blues and early King Crimson slightly influenced by Procol Harum, contemporaries the band liked very much. Originally scheduled for December 1970 'Grandfather' was finally released in mid February 1971. Music Business Weekly said the band showed a great deal of originality and the highly influential Melody Maker wrote: "As album conceptions become more ambitious, so standards of judgement become harsher. This one makes it. It's an album to listen to. The ideas incorporated in the lyrics are imaginative. The music is carefully stitched into the fibre of the album. Although a large amount of instruments is used, there's nothing that's superficial. There are Moody Blues influences throughout including the stunning opening track 'Birth' that moves effortlessly into 'Out Of Time' - think 'On The Threshold Of A Dream' period. Another surprise is the periodic use of the "wall of saxes" that King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator and Jonesy used. The album consists of 11 parts - superb psych/prog, with excellent acoustic elements, great strings and flute, competent and pleasant vocal harmonies. 'A Prayer For Her' could easily have commercial success even now (I cannot understand why it didn't happen?), 'Your's Claudia' has interesting sound effects, while 'Years & Fortunes' and 'Grandfather' have strong flavour of medieval pieces, and 'Out Of Time' and 'Your Country Needs You?' are rather hard-edge about them. The album is an excellent addition to the collection of a conservative tuned music love of proto-progressive-psychedelic rock. The album comes with comprehensive bandstory, photos in a 4-sided cover-sized insert sheet. Don't miss this album. Secret tip!


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