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RM - realizacja do 30 dni

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INDEXI ( LP ) Bosnia and Herzegovina

INDEXI ( LP ) Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tytuł:Indexi (2LP)

Wytwórnia:Croatia Records

Rok: 1971-73/RM

Więcej szczegółów

165,00 zł

Prog - rock , Hard - rock , Psych - rock 

Nowa reedycja kompilacji wydanej w 1974 roku 

Limitowany nakład . Wydanie 180 gram Obi + książka 


side A

A1. Svijet U Kojem Živim
Arranged By – S. Kovačević
Lyrics By – Ž. Altarac
Music By – F. Redžić, S. Kovačević

A2. Krivac Si Ti
Music By, Lyrics By – F. Redžić

A3. Budi Kao More
Lyrics By, Arranged By – F. Redžić
Music By, Lyrics By – S. Kovačević

A4. Predaj Se Srce
Arranged By – F. Redžić
Music By, Lyrics By – A. Korać

A5. Da Sam Ja Netko
Arranged By – S. Kovačević
Lyrics By – M. Perfiljeva
Music By – H. Hegedušić


side B
B1. Sve Ove Godine
Lyrics By – K. Monteno
Music By, Arranged By – E. Lesić

B2. Sanjam
Arranged By – F. Redžić
Lyrics By – M. Perfiljeva
Music By – H. Hegedušić

B3. Plima
Guest, Backing Vocals – Kornelije Kovač
Guest, Cello – Miron Strutinski
Guest, Piano [Introduction] – Ranko Rihtman
Guitar – Ismet Arnautalić
Lyrics By – K. Kovač
Music By, Arranged By – S. Kovačević
Organ – Đorđe Novković
Producer – Esad Arnautalić
Vocalese [Introduction] – Fadil Redžić

B4. Povratak Jacka Trbosjeka I Ostalog Zla
Engineer – Radan Bosner
Lyrics By – Ž. Altarac
Music By, Arranged By – S. Kovačević

B5. Balada
Guest, Flute – Branimir Lambert Živković
Lyrics By – M. Perfiljeva
Music By, Arranged By – F. Redžić, S. Kovačević



Lacquer Cut At – Abbey Road Studios
Record Company – Croatia Records d.d.
Pressed By – Sony DADC Europe Limited
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Croatia Records
Copyright © – Croatia Records
Recorded At – Studio "Istra", Zagreb
Recorded At – Studio 1 RTV Sarajevo


Bass Guitar – Fadil Redžić
Drums – Miroslav Šaranović

Guitar – Slobodan A. Kovačević

Organ – Enco Lesić (tracks: A2, B1), Ranko Rihtman (tracks: A1, A5), Vlado Pravdić (tracks: A3, A4, B2, B4, B5)

Vocals – Davorin Popović

50th-anniversary luxury reissue with exclusive photos and liner notes. Remaster 2024 from original master tapes.
180-gram vinyl + download code for mp3 versions of songs.
Comes in a gatefold sleeve with obi strip, including a 20-page booklet and printed lyrics.
A4 and B4 are bonus tracks not available on the original release.

A1 & A5 were recorded on 22 February 1971 at Radio Zagreb Studio - Concert Hall Istra, and were initially released on 12 March 1971, on the 7" single Jugoton SY-1760.

A2 & B1 were recorded on 16 February 1972 at Radio Zagreb Studio - Concert Hall Istra, and were initially released on 13 March 1972, on the 7" single Jugoton SY-21981.

B2 & B5 were recorded on 16 May 1972 at Radio Zagreb Studio - Concert Hall Istra, and were initially released on 21 June 1972, on the 7" single Jugoton SY-22071.

B3 & B4 were initially released on 25 December 1972, on the 7" EP Jugoton MCY-105, along with "Ugasila Je Plamen", which due to its duration could not be included in this edition. B3 was recorded on 15 January 1969 at the Studio 1 - RTV Sarajevo, while B4 was recorded on 8 November 1972 at Radio Zagreb Studio - Concert Hall Istra.

A3 & A4 were recorded on 25 April 1973 at the Studio 1 - RTV Sarajevo, and were initially released on 11 May 1973, on the 7" single Jugoton SY-22300.



Their songs became timeless hits that live on even today, both with listeners and in numerous cover versions that are now being paid tribute by generations of musicians – from Bijelo Dugme and Crvena Jabuka to Massimo and Natali Dizdar.
In the period between 1971 and 1973, Indexi released a total of five single records for Jugoton, which included some of their most successful songs: “Plima” (Tide), “Sve ove godine” (All these Years), “Balada” (Ballad), “Da sam ja netko” (If I Were Someone), “Svijet u kojem živim” (The World in which I Live) and “Sanjam” (I Dream). A year later, the group took a break due to military service, and Jugoton released a compilation LP simply titled “Indexi”, the first long-playing release of the group, which included eight of the total eleven songs from this period. The anniversary reissue of this record, published on the fiftieth anniversary of the original release, brings two more songs that were not included on the original LP: the big hit “Predaj se srce” (Surrender Your Heart) and the slightly neglected “Povratak Jacka Trbosjeka i ostalog zla” (The Return of Jack the Ripper and Other Evil).
Another special feature of this edition is the lacquer cut, which was done by Sean Magee, the winner of the Grammy award for the Beatles’ “Mono Box Set”, in London’s Abbey Road Studios. Sean Magee also worked on the box-set edition of Bijelo Dugme in 2014, and now, thanks to him, Indexi will sound better than ever.
In an interview on the occasion of this release, published in the booklet accompanying the release, Fadil Redžić, bassist and another symbol of Indexi, says: “Jugoton has done us a great “service” by releasing this compilation and also our first LP. But also Croatia Records today, with this reissue, as well as with the reissue of “Modra rijeka” (Blue River) a few years ago. One feels good when he sees that the songs, in the creation of which he participated, are still alive today and have their listeners. In our age, it really gives good energy. Indexi are a phenomenon that is not completely clear to me even today. At the beginning of the seventies, there were exceptional groups in Yugoslavia like Pro Arte or Korni Grupa... Much more commercial and successful than we were. However, it seems to me that Indexi and our songs have become the main feature of that period over time. I had the impression that, at the moment when we were all actively playing, they “overtook” us, but today it seems to me that Indexi’s songs won the race “in the long run”. I am glad it is so, but I cannot say that I understand it. We played and created surrounded by really talented musicians, groups and friends. After everything, the songs remained – they always bring me back to those times and with them I relive everything – and the moments of creating songs, going to the studio, recording, hanging out... Indexi were like an incoming tide. Which has stayed.”
The album “Indexi” also comes with a download card for downloading mp3 versions of the songs remastered by Goran Martinac in the Croatia Records Studio. Darko Kujundžić is responsible for the artistic design of the reissue, while the booklet accompanying the edition contains texts by Siniša Škarica, Josip Dujmović and Sead S. Fetahagić, as well as the aforementioned interview with Fadil Redžić. The booklet is also richly equipped with photos from the private archives of Marko Čolić and Fadil Redžić, as well as with documentation on Indexi from the Jugoton / Croatia Records archive.
Founded long ago in 1962, Indexi was active until 2001, and in that period they released only two real studio albums – the conceptual “Modra rijeka” (Blue River) in 1978 and “Kameni cvjetovi” (Stone Flowers) from 1999. On the other side, the Indexi catalogue includes as many as 27 singles & EP records as well as several compilations that included both the most famous songs as well as more unknown songs from the rich and mostly unpublished archive of recordings left behind by the group. Due to the premature death of Davorin Popović, one of the most recognizable vocalists in Yugoslavia , Indexi ceased to exist in 2001. Then, in 2004, the legendary guitarist of the group, Slobodan “Bodo” Kovačević, died, and in the years after that, some other members of the group, but their songs continued their life, being passed down from generation to generation and became part of the indelible cultural heritage of the Yugoslavian areas.


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