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23 TRUBLION ( Francja)

Tytuł:Honor Et Gloria -

La Geste De Graffen Walder

Wytwórnia:Le Cluricaun

Rok: 2007/RN

Więcej szczegółów

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Psych - folk - rock , Electronic , Experimental Music


I. Hurlezob

   Backing Vocals, Harp – Mademoiselle Choupi

   Vocals – Le Saumon De La Connaissance 3:28
II. Honor Et Gloria I

   Vocals – Gillou Le Gai Troubadour

   Words By – Le Saumon De La Connaissance, Trad. 4:29
III. Draconis Testiculi /Words By – Trublion 23  4:39
IV. Juste Courroux /Words By – Trublion 23 4:12
V. Honor Et Gloria II

   Harp – Mademoiselle ChoupiVocals – Gillou Le Gai Troubadour

   Words By – Le Saumon De La Connaissance, Trad. 4:52
VI. O Leuchtende Schoenheiten /Words By – Nostre Seigneur Graffen Walder 6:27
VII. Vinum, Sexus Et Caro Cruda

    Harp – Mademoiselle Choupi /Vocals – Le Saumon De La Connaissance 4:24
VIII. Houblon Et Larmes Amères

    Voice – Guigui Carrousel/Words By – Le Saumon De La Connaissance, Trad. 4:26
IX. Honor Et Gloria III - Première Partie /Voice – Giscard Le Survivant

    Words By – Le Saumon De La Connaissance, Trublion XXIII 6:48
X. Honor Et Gloria III - Seconde Partie

   Words By – Le Saumon De La Connaissance, Trublion XXIII 5:48
XI. Epilogue /Vocals – Giscard Le Survivant 3:28
XII. Tant Crie-T-On Noël Qu'Il Vient /Words By – François Villon 2:32
XIII. ColloqueVoice [Conscript] – Christus /Words By – Paul Déroulède 5:11



Backing Vocals – Floupi

Composed By, Performer, Recorded By – Trublion 23

Guitar, Electronics, Voice, Vocals [Chants éthyliks], Performer [Tout Un Tas De Machins & De Conneries] – 23 Trublion 23

Hurdy Gurdy, Spinet [Vosgian] – Le Saumon De La Connaissance




Graffen Walder". After obscure, hard to find and brilliant CDRs, Le Cluricaun is proud to present the first official album of the already mythic crazy drummer of the Gaë Bolg Live Band.
Adept of a psychedelic, festive and symphonic folk which take its roots in Witthüser und Westrupp as well as Whitehouse or Monty Python, Trublion 23 in Honor et Gloria is telling us the story of the famous (?) Graffen Walder in a tone which can evoque a mix of Angel of Light, Current 93, Danielson, Animal Collective and Missing Foundation, but in a complete personal way. Acoustic guitars, voice between troubadours and strongness, strange and weird samples, great melodies, psychedelic effects, noisy ambiances and caustic sense of humour, this fascinating cock-tail is a big "kick in the ass" of the sleepy and formatted folk scene! Trublion 23 was active as a musician since 1991 under the name Mönch Machine (Monk Machine), a project that was bound to sonorities between Virgin Prunes and the Residents. After many self-produced MCs and some collaborations, the project has been put on ice and it was only in year 2005, when T23 met the grand master of The Church of Fand: he joined Gaë Bolg as percussionist and signed to the label Le Cluricaun to release this first official album.
Honor et Gloria is a surprisingly original and wild album, musically speaking on the edge between epic, medieval folk and post-industrial sonorities: Grandiose songs inspired by obscure European legends of living-dead knights, epic and majestic tales about barbaric sodomites and fairy-tales of dragons from other worlds and times.


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