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RM - realizacja do 30 dni

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Tytuł:Memories Are New

Wytwórnia:Soss Music


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Prog - rock


1.Present From Nancy (Live) 7:23

2.Radio (Live) 2:20

3.Mexico (Live) 6:23

4.Judy Goes on Holiday (Live) 9:07

5.(2x3=) 6 Blauwe Dwergen 1:16

6.Hommage 3:35

7.Sweet Suicide 2:32

8.Modest Man 4:12

9.Wine Melody 2:44

10.Nothing Is Real 3:56

11.Workman's Song 3:10

12.House in the Country 3:29

13.Seven Ways to Die 3:05

14.Woods of Frustrated Men 3:41

15.Corporating Comboboys 0:48

16.Manke Boerenwals 1:08

17.Psalm 2:13



Arranged By [Arrangements], Edited By [Edits] – RJ Stips (tracks: 6 to 12)

Bass – Ron van Eck

Conductor – Alfred Hause (tracks: 6 to 12)

Drums – Marco Vrolijk

Flute, Vocals – Sacha van Geest

Guitar, Vocals – Gerhard Smid (tracks: 5, 13 to 17)

Keyboards, Vocals – Robert Jan Stips

Orchestra – Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester des NDR (tracks: 6 to 12)

Trumpet, Other [Ideas], Vocals – Rob Douw (tracks: 5, 13 to 17)


"This is not the new Supersister reunion 2000 CD!"

 Live and unreleased recordings from the 1970's.
Tracks 6 - 12: NDR recordings realized on 4-10-1971.
No recording details given for the other tracks.

Archive research, mastering and editing at the VAN studio and Buro GeluidsManipulatie.


Packaged in a standard jewel case with 4-page booklet.


It seems like everything that SUPERSISTER concocted in their wake had a connection to something else in their canon of classic prog and therefore the perpetual labyrinth of themes that added an extra layer to their short but sweet OK career. Same goes for the 2000 compilation titled M.A.N. aka MEMORIES ARE NEW and in fine print on the cover you will see "This is not the new SUPERSISTER reunion 2000 CD!" This phrase stems from the fact that the band swore when they broke up in the mid-70s that they would NEVER reform. Well reform they did for the 2000 progfrest in Los Angeles, CA and while this isn't a bona fide reunion album, it is more of a comeback than they ever bargained for. BTW, this was the first time the band ever played in the US. They were a European band through and through.

The title is a throwback to the B-side of the single "Bagoas" which appeared on the 1973 release "Iskander." The track itself isn't even included on this compilation (it's a rather no nonsense jazz-fusion instrumental track on slo-mo and rather meh IMO.) SUPERSISTER had a short but very dynamic career having caught the prog world by storm and then fizzling out as the scene itself dissipated. This compilation basically captures a bunch of unreleased material under the guise of the 2000 progfest reunion. It captures three distinct phases of the band's career displaying the reunion phase in live performances, unreleased tracks with an orchestra from their early 70s years as well as the years before their debut in their proto-prog Nederland beat mode.

The first four tracks are dedicated to the live performances that found the band playing together for the first time in a coon's butt's age with one track "Present From Nancy" from their debut and two others from the "Pudding En Gisteren" years with the inclusion of an unreleased track "Mexico" tacked into the middle for sort of a medley effect as it basically continues the melodic developments of "Radio." Track 5 - WTF? Tracks #6 - 12 were recorded on 4-10-1971 with the Tanz- und Unterhatungsorchester des NDR in Germany during their short stint as musicians for ballet fusion. Unfortunately the music isn't up to the classic SUPERSISTER mode and makes the weakest part of the compilation.

The last five tracks are dedicated to the era before their debut "Present From Nancy." These tracks are hit and miss as Stips and company were merely getting their feet wet however it's quite clear on the strongest of the lot such as the trippy and cool "Woods Of Frustrated Men," that the band were venturing into stranger pastures of musical exploration also made known by the unusual remake of the American traditional "I Wish I Was In Dixie." All in all, this is a really great supplemental supply of SUPERSISTER obscurities. Although not essential, for anyone who is a fan, this is the next logical step. It provides a historical context as well as some great music that doesn't fit neatly into their already eclectic canon. Well worth the time if you want to dig deeper.


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