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Tytuł : Liquid Scarlet II

Wytwórnia : Progress Records

Rok : 2005/D

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Prog - rock

Tracks Listing

1. Lines Are Drawn Again (5:14)
2. The Carafe [part II] (10:07)
3. The Marriage Of Maria Braun (4:33)
4. Rhododendron (9:30)
5. Everywhere (4:05)
6. Just Like You (4:19)
7. Killer Couple Strikes Again (3:51)
8. There's Got To Be A Way To Leave (4:26)
9. The Thorn In Your Flesh (3:56)
10. Lines (7:09)



- Markus Fagervall / vocals, guitar
- Olov Andersson / guitar, clarinet
- Olle Sjögren / keyboards
- Joel Lindberg / bass, keyboards, double bass (3,5), cello (5)
- Johan Lundström / drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, keyboards, accordion, harmonica, vocals, violin (5), string arrangements, mixing

- Britta Hällstig / violin (3,6,8)
- Sofia Eklund / violin (3,6,8)
- Maria Pallin / viola (3,6,8)
- Ulrika Hägglund / cello (3,6,8)


Total playing time: 57'14"

A release packaged in a jewel case with clear tray and 12-page booklet.


LIQUID SCARLET is a new band from northern Sweden. The five members, all of them just about 20 years of age name KING CRIMSON, BJÖRK, GENESIS, YES, RADIOHEAD and Frank ZAPPA as their favourite bands. Sounds promising? Indeed. The band formed back in 1996 and started with playing covers, later on they began writing their own material. Fortunately "Progress Records" signed the band in 2001 and we all have the possibility to listen to their great music which can be described as a mixture of ANGLAGARD, ANEKDOTEN and early GENESIS. All with a slight alternative approach.

Their self titled debut was delayed in 2001 for some reasons and finally released in 2004. It really is an outstanding debut and I recommend to purchase it if you like ANGLAGARD, ANEKDOTEN, early GENESIS or simply love the sound of Mellotron and Hammond.


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