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Tytuł: Live Royal Festival Hall


Wytwórnia:Vampi Soul

Rok: 2008/RN

Więcej szczegółów

55,00 zł

Jazz - rock  ,Jazz, Funk , Classical Contemporary Jazz, Soul-Jazz


Wydanie - rozkładany na trzy części digi-pack  + książeczka w formie plakatu




CD1 Paint It Black  /Written-By – M. Jagger & K. Richards 6:04
CD2 The Edge 4:47
CD3 Song Of Innocence 6:18
CD4 Holy Are YouVocals – Richard Ashcroft 4:45
CD5 So Low 8:47
CD6 Tensity 13:25
CD7 Holy Thursday 5:44
CD8 Urizen 4:02
CD9 The Sick Rose 5:54
CD10 London 3:00
CD11 The Human Abstract 5:50
CD12 Smile 3:59
CD13 Norwegian Wood (Spanish Wood)Written-By – J. Lennon & P. McCartney 6:47



David Axelrod – Live Royal Festival Hall 1:29:52



Conductor, Leader – David Axelrod

Bass – Ali Friend

Cello – Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge

Clarinet – Nick Ellis

Drums – Tim Weller

Guitar – Charlie Casey

Horn – Nathan Thomas

Keyboards [Keys] – Andrew Skeet

Oboe, Cor Anglais – Dom Kelly

Oboe, Piccolo Flute – Nick Cartledge

Percussion – Colin McCann

Saxophone – Ingrid Laubrock, James Allsop

Trombone – James ''Spaddy'' Adams

Trumpet – Nick Etwell, Tom Rees Roberts

Vibraphone [Vibes] – Jim Hart

Viola – Katherine Shave, Reiad Chibah

Violin – Anna Morris, Dave Williams, Fiona Brice, Natalie Bonner*, Nina Cockburn, Sally Herbert



Recorded At – Royal Festival Hall



Limited Edition



A Grammy award-winning producer for Capitol Records who helmed dozens of great jazz, funk, and soul records during the 1960s and '70s (David, McCallum, Lou Rawls, Stan Kenton, the Electric Prunes, Cannonball Adderley.), DAVID AXELROD also forged a distinctive musical style while recording several of the most eccentric albums of the '70s. His music was rediscovered in the 90s, and has been sampled by key hip-hop artists such as Dr.Dre, DJ Shadow, or Lauryn Hill. This Vampisoul release offers you his very first UK orchestral performance, live at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Both formats, audio CD and double LP, come together with a DVD of the show itself! In recent years, David Axelrod's work has broken out of its cult status to become a worldwide phenomenon, but its popularity rests on those who championed him from the very beginning. Those who view his 1960s and 1970s recordings as the height of cosmic orchestrated jazz music, ripe for beat mining (read Hip Hop) and late night listening sessions. Then there are the hip rock fans who see his work with the Electric Prunes and by extension, his Capitol albums, as the epitome of stoned space rock. Both groups invest an almost mystical sense of musical exploration to the work of David Axelrod. As news of the concert spread, it became one of the must see shows of the year. The venue was full, bulging at the seams, with collectors, DJs, recording artists and TV personalities, all desperate not to miss David's first UK concert.


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