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Tytuł:KATEBEGIAK 1972-1985




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1972-1985 KATEBEGIAK Prog-Rock, Psych-Folk & Jazz-Rock Music from the Basque Country [Compiled by DJ Makala]   CD in hardback book sleeve+ 96 pages  book 


01. Haizea - Egunaren Hastapena
02. Izukaitz - Xori Bele
03. William S. Fischer - Pello Joxepe
04. Magdalena - Lanera Sartzen
05. Enbor - Agurra II
06. Itoiz - Ezekielen Ikasgaia
07. Koska - Ogia Eska
08. Itziar - Ameskoi
09. Errobi - Andere
10. Lisker - Amets Jazarriak
11. Amaia Zubiria eta Pascal Gaigne - Itxasoan Laino Dago
12. Gontzal Mendibil - Hasperen Itun
13. Urria - Arrano Beltza Eta Amaia
14. Juan Arkotxa - Lelo Il Lelo



PROG-ROCK, PSYCH-FOLK & JAZZ-ROCK MUSIKA' - Music produced in the '70s in the Basque Country got trapped between two earth shattering artistic currents; Ez Dok Amairu in the '60s and Basque Radical Rock in the '80s, and unfortunately, most of the lovely discs and tunes created at that magical time have been pushed to a remote (and sometimes even despised) corner of our collective memory. '60s and '80s music currents are almost opposite, and both work as magnetic poles with a very strong power of attraction, and maybe also as a burden for any of the later artistic currents. The '60s generation of artists searched within their rich and ancient cultural roots to acknowledge and update them, in proud, hopeful and unforgettable folk songs. The '80s one on the other hand, worked in a flammable environment in constant social and political conflict and found in punk the perfect way to express their anger and weariness for so many unfulfilled promises and the lack of opportunities into short, noisy, direct and corrosive songs, technically sparse but full of energy and expressive power. Most of the "classic" names engraved in
our memory come from one or the other like Benito Lertxundi, Mikel Laboa, Lourdes Iriondo and Xabier Lete or Kortatu, Hertzainak, Zarama, Las Vulpes, Eskorbuto or Cicatriz. The '70s
generation and their music work somehow as the "missing link" ("katebegia" in Basque) between the two. They loved folky tunes and don't forget their ancient roots, but they also look outside for inspiration and experimentation. Just as the '80s boys and girls found punk, the '70s guys found a completely different sonic and aesthetic landscape in the works of Grateful Dead, Fairport Convention, King Crimson, Soft Machine, Gong... and worked closely with keen souls in other neighboring regions such as Maquina!, Pau Riba or Sisa in Catalonia or
Smash and Triana in Andalusia. This resulted in more abstract and poetic lyrical content, much longer psych-folk-prog-jazz tunes, full of complex instrumental passages and mesmerizing structures of sheer ambition and masterful execution in many cases. But, most important of all, they found a voice of their own, rich, unique, and fascinating, and that's what makes them so valuable to us. Not only to us, but also to lots of vinyl collectors and crate-diggers around the world, who have in many cases paid fortunes for some of the original editions of LPs that are the source of tunes in this compilation. Mikel Unzurrunzaga Schmitz aka DJ Makala, DJ and producer of
worldwide scope and wisdom, noticed this fact first and decided to pay homage to these wonderful tunes through this masterful and dedicated selection for your pleasure and as an open invitation to dig deeper into your adventures in the dark and hidden side of Basque popular music. The CD version contains 1 bonus tracks and a 96 pages book in Basque, Spanish, French and English language.


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