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RN - Realizacja Natychmiastowa oznacza że towar znajduje się na stanie magazynowym sklepu i zostanie wysłany do klienta w ciągu 2 - 3 dni roboczych

RM - realizacja do 30 dni

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W przypadku wybrania metody płatności: "Przedpłata na konto" klient powinien dokonać wpłaty dopiero po powiadomieniu przez sprzedawcę o gotowej realizacji zamówienia.

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Tytuł:Live Im Chikago 2CD



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Rock , Blues  , Beat

Album wydany  przez Polydor w 1979 roku

Po raz pierwszy na CD ,

Wsród wokalistów usłyszymy Erica Burdona i Gary Glittera,

Wydanie digi-pack




1 Chicago Rock

    Featuring, Written-By – Bernd Schulz 2:44
2 We Will Rock You

    Music By, Text By – Herbert Hildebrandt/Wienhauer ,Vocals – Herbert Hildebrandt 4:10
3 I'm Ready

    Vocals – Fats  ,Written-By – Lewis, Domino, Bradford 3:08
4 Hello

    Music By – Otto Ortwein /Text By – W. Sondhof ,Vocals – Fats 3:39
5 La La La

   Vocals – Herbert Hildebrandt Written-By – C. Paul 3:07
6 Shimmy Shimmy

   Vocals – Herbert Hildebrandt ,Written-By – Schubert, Masey 3:14
7 It'll Be Me

   Vocals – Peter Kirchberger /Written-By – Clement 3:07
8 Hello Highway

   Music By – Herbert Hildebrandt/Wienhauer,Text By – Herbert Hildebrandt/Wienhauer

  Vocals – Herbert Hildebrandt 3:07
9 Love Of My Life

  Music By – Herbert Hildebrandt/Wienhauer,Text By – Herbert Hildebrandt/Wienhauer

  Vocals – Niels Tabi 2:29
10 Rock Overtüre

    Featuring – E. Hofmann, S. Bensinger /Music By – E. Hofmann, Sigi Bensinger 2:02
11 Boney Moroney /Vocals – Gary Glitter /Written-By – Williams 3:36
12 The Wanderer /Vocals – Gary Glitter /Written-By – E. Maresca 4:22

1 True Fine Mama

   Music By – R. Penniman,Text By – R. Penniman,Vocals – Carlo Blumenberg 3:51
2 Send Me Some Lovin'

   Vocals – Carlo Blumenberg, Ingeburg Thomsen,Written-By – J. Marascalco, Price 3:48
3 Do It

  Vocals, Music By, Text By – Jutta Weinhold 2:07
4 Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

   Vocals, Arranged By [Bearb.] – Jutta Weinhold,Written-By – Trad. 2:51
5 Sweet Nothin' ,Vocals – Toni Cavanna ,Written-By – R. Self 2:47
6 Shakin' All Over ,Vocals – Lord Ulli /Written-By – Johnny Kidd 3:35
7 Hell Cat Lady  ,Vocals, Written-By – Neil Landon 4:27
8 See See Rider

  Arranged By [Bearb.] – Rock Circus ,Vocals – Eric Burdon ,Written-By – Trad. 4:43
9 Hoochie Coochie Man

  Arranged By [Bearb.] – Herbert Hildebrandt/Wienhauer,Flute – Eckart Hofmann

  Vocals – Eric BurdonWritten-By – Trad. 5:05
10 Jam Rock

   Vocals, Written-By – Eric Burdon 6:11



Bass – Uli Salm

Bass, Producer – Herbert Hildebrandt

Drums – Dicky Tarrach , Niels Tabi

Guitar – Hannes Bauer

Piano – Bernd Schulz

Saxophone – Sigi Bensinger

Saxophone, Flute – Eckart Hofmann


Recorded Live in "Chikago"/Hamburg on March 7, 1979 with DIERKS-MOBILE-STUDIO
Additional recordings in Record Star Studio/Hamburg
Final Mix: Rüssl Tonstudio/Hamburg in April 1979


At the end of the seventies the music club "Chikago" belonged to the hottest live clubs of the German rock city Hamburg. The former striptease temple has become the mecca of rock n 'roll since a band called Rock Circus appeared there. Behind the band name hid a team that had earned their spurs since the Beat-era in the 60s. With Rock Circus on stage, the store was packed. No wonder, if you read the illustrious cast list: Herbert Hildebrandt, Rock Circus boss and co-founder of the German legend Rattles sang and played the bass. Niels Tabi, formerly with the German Bonds, sat behind the drums. Pianist Bernd Schulz, on loan from Rudolf Rock and the Schocker, also had Rattles past behind him. Guitarist Hannes Bauer came from Bock Rock (and has been a regular guitar player for Udo Lindenberg since a long time). Eckart Hofmann (saxophone, flute), also at home with Rudolf Rock, had recently helped to cheer the Dirty Dogs. And Sigi Bensinger played his saxophone in the 60's with Mike Roger And His Machine Guns and the King Boys, before he came to Rock Circus after a long break.

Fats & His Cats), Jutta Weinhold, Ingeburg Thomsen, Carlo Blumenberg (So what could have been more appropriate than to banish this unique rocky atmosphere on record - live, of course, and then on a double album, because the band wanted to share this event with numerous friends. Thus, in a long night from the 7th to the 8th of March 1979, the following illustrious rock greats stood beside Rock Circus on the tiny stage of the "Chikago": Eric Burdon, Gary Glitter, Neil Landon, Lee Patterson, Lord Ulli (from The Lords), Dicky Tarrach (from The Rattles), Fats (fromfrom the Dirty Dogs), Peter Kirchberger (from Rudolf Rock & The Shocker) & Ulli Salm alias Rudolf Rock.

Hamburg's hottest night in a long time had come to an end, 22 tracks were recorded at the concert, which now appear for the first time on a double CD at Sireena Records.


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