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KRAUT ! ( Various CD )

Tytuł:Die Innovativen Jahre Des

Krautrock Teil 1 (2CD +Book)

Wytwórnia:Bear Family Records


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125,00 zł

Rock progresywny z Niemiec! 

Wydanie - Rozkładany digi -pack  + 100 stronicowa  książka ( kolrowy kredowy papier )

Remaster 2020

Część  pierwsza


Various ‎– Kraut! Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968 - 1979 Teil 1 Der Norden




1-1 –Lucifer's Friend- Ride The Sky 2:55
1-2 –Atlantis - Rock'n'Roll Preacher 3:40
1-3 –Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen 7:04
1-4 –Tomorrow's Gift - Ants 2:52
1-5 –Ikarus - Mesentery 6:11
1-6 –Cravinkel - Keep On Running 3:42
1-7 –Silberbart-  Chub Chub Cherry 4:27
1-8 –Novalis -  Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hört 9:18
1-9 –Ougenweide - Ouwe 2:34
1-10 –Ramses - La Leyla 7:31
1-11 –Jane  - Redskin 8:55
1-12 –Frumpy -  How The Gipsy Was Born 8:51

CD 2
2-1 –A.R. & Machines -  Schönes Babylon (Beautiful Babylon) 4:59
2-2 –Nektar -  Desolation Valley 9:03
2-3 –Eloy  - The Light From Deep Darkness 14:40
2-4 –Galaxy -  Supermarket 4:30
2-5 –Gash - A Young Man's Gash (Part 2) 4:47
2-6 –Thirsty Moon -  Big City 8:32
2-7 –Percewood's Onagram -  Braindrops Won't Kill The Fire 8:51
2-8 –Missus Beastly  - Uncle Sam 5:39
2-9 –Abacus - Capuccino 4:06
2-10 –Parzival  - Souls Married To The Wind 3:37




2-CD (6-page digisleeve) with 100-page booklet, 22 tracks. Total playing time approx. 137 minutes.

Four-part double CD series - comprehensive and first cross-label documentation of the only relevant German contribution to the international phenomenon of rock music.

Progressive Rock from Germany!

Never before has there been a comparable compilation!

Towards the end of the 1960s, German bands began their first attempts to emancipate themselves stylistically from their US and British role models.

ProgRock and Pchychedelia from our country were initially smiled at internationally and disparagingly called 'Krautrock' by cult DeeJay John Peel, among others.

Unorthodox formations could not be pigeonholed, and so a scene with a wide musical range was created.

The first part is dedicated to the North of Germany and presents popular bands such as Atlantis, A.R. & Machines, Nektar, Eloy, Lucifer's Friend or Frumpy and the internationally highly respected guitarist Michael Rother alongside Gash, Ramses, Abacus or Ikarus.

Mostly remastered from digital tape copies by Marcus Heumann without wasting the original sound.

Compiled and commented on 100(!) pages by Burghard Rausch (DeeJay, vinyl collector, drummer, radio presenter/author and book editor).

With 'Kraut! Die innovativen Jahre des Krautrock 1968-1979' we will release a double CD every three months in 2020 with a booklet of about 100 pages and biographies of each band, an exquisite selection of the exciting and influential bands of those days, some of which caused a sensation far beyond Germany.

The four editions are regionally structured. The first part deals with the North. All editions are compiled by Burghard Rausch and commented on in detail. The publisher of several books on 'Rock in Germany', radio author and presenter, drummer (Agitation Free, among others), vinyl collector and DeeJay with enormous expertise has already been in charge of the NDW series for Bear Family.

We are convinced that 'Kraut!' will be the most comprehensive CD documentation of this era, which has shaped the history of rock music in Germany, licensed by various rights holders!


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