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Tytuł:The Best Of The Cooper Brothers

Wytwórnia: ‎Pacemaker


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Southern Rock, Rock


1 Rock & Roll Cowboys 4:57
2 The Dream Never Dies 4:20
3 Know Her When I See Her 3:48
4 Show Some Emotion 3:51
5 Dangerous Moon 3:29
6 Life Names The Tune 6:57
7 Icy Blue Eyes 4:10
8 Old Angel Midnight 5:00
9 Ridin High 5:01
10 No Love Lost 4:33
11 Voices (In The Night) 5:56
12 If My Heart Only Knew 4:29
13 Hard Ticket 4:20
14 Away From You 6:31
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The Cooper Brothers are a southern rock band founded by brothers Brian Cooper and Dick Cooper and their long-time friend Terry King. Starting in 1974, the band released several singles under the production guidance of Les Emmerson (Five Man Electrical Band). The group had early regional success with the tracks 'Finally (With You)' and 'Miss Lonelyhearts' under the Polydor label. The band gained more attention in the summer of 1978 when they signed with Capricorn Records and producer Gary Cape. Capricorn was producing several of the most popular southern-rock acts of the time - The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie and Elvin Bishop. Over the next few years, the Cooper Brothers released two albums which sold well; and the singles 'The Dream Never Dies,' 'Show Some Emotion,' and 'I'll Know Her When I See Her,' all charted on The Billboard Hot 100. At the height of their career the band toured extensively throughout North America, opening for The Doobie Brothers, Black Oak Arkansas, Joe Cocker, Charlie Daniels, Atlanta Rhythm Section, and McGuinn, Clark and Hillman (basically, the Byrds, right?).


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