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Tytuł:Le Bureau Central Des Utopies



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Prog -rock, Avantgarde

Oryginalna kanadyjska edycja albumu .


Tracks Listing

1. Le reel des élections (2:48)
2. Ateliers I et V (4:14)
3. Fondation (6:18)
4. Chorégraphie lunaire (8:16)
5. La belle apparence (2:22)
6. Fanfare (4:30)
7. Trois petits pas (4:24)
8. Le reel à mains (3:29)
9. Le bureau central des utopies (10:13)

Bonus tracks
10. Le pays du bruit (bonus live) (8:24)
11. Le commerce nostalgique (bonus) (7:57)



- Bernard Cormier / violin, percussion
- André Duchesne / acoustic guitar, dulcimer, voice
- Jacques Laurin / bass
- René Lussier / electric guitar, 12-string, percussion
- Jean Derome / flute


Recorded at the home of Gilles Garant in St-Damase with Guillaume Bengle's Mobile Studio, September 24 to 34, 1979.
Track 10 recorded at La Résille, Université Laval, January 1980.

Track 1: Theme from the film "Le 15 nov" (Hugues Migneault, Ronald Brault)
Track 2: Theme from the film "Tanobe" (Ian Ramkin)
Track 3: The first movement: Theme from the film "Le grand remue-ménage" (Sylvie Groulx, Francine Allaire). Dedicated to the founding of Syndicat de la Musique du Québec.
Track 4: The second movement: Used in the film "Le grand remue-ménage" (Sylvie Groulx, Francine Allaire)
The third movement: Composed for the film "L'eau chaude, l'eau frette" (André Forcier)
Track 5: Theme from the film "La belle apparence" (Denise Benoît)
Track 6: Composed for the film "Le grand remue-ménage" (Sylvie Groulx, Francine Allaire)
Track 7: Composed in memory of little Mélanie, taken at a young age by the Saguenay sickness, and to our friend Mirko Popovitch, who organized a magnificent tour for us in Belgium.
Track 8: Composed for the film "Courtepointes" (Bruno Carrières, Marcel Sabourin)
Track 11: This is the final track written under the name Conventum



Like many great bands Conventum were largely discovered after their dissolution, when Chris Cutler found one of their records and then put one of their compositions on the Recommended Records Sampler. 'Le Bureau Central Des Utopies' gets closer to a chamber feel at times and is almost entirely instrumental. Members of Conventum have gone on to found the Ambiances Magnétiques "out music" label, and to perform in bands such as Les Quatre Guitaristes De L'Apocalypso Bar. Highly recommended to the avant-prog/RIO crowd, this reissue includes bonus material and high quality 16 page booklet which comprise the most accurate historical information available about the group.


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