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FRÄLST! ( Various LP ) Szwecja

FRÄLST!  ( Various LP )  Szwecja

Tytuł:A Selection Of Swedish

Christian Grooves 1969-1979 2LP

Wytwórnia:Subliminal Sounds


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185,00 zł

Various – Frälst! A Selection Of Swedish Christian Grooves 1969-1979

Limited deluxe edition of 700 copies. Comes with a spectacular gatefold sleeve and a massive 16-page booklet with photos as well as biographical texts and thrilling interviews with the musicians that transports one straight into the center of the events.


side A

A2. SHEPHERDS – Halva världen svälter
A3. TOMAS ERNVIK – En hippie
A4. SÅNGGRUPPEN LIV – Tron - en kamp
A5. SAMBANDET – Go(o)d News

side B
B1. BIRGITTA YAVARI – Det är svårt för ett ägg - att bli en fågel
B2. SIW SJÖBERG - Hallelujah
B3. ALEA JACTA EST – We Are People, Happy -People

side C
C1: TILLSAMMANS – Kom till mej
C2: THE VERGERS – Se dig för
C4: OBADJA – Testa
C5: KYRKANS UNGDOM I OSBY – Vad vill du -mej?
C6: JANNE – ROBERTH – WILLY – Vilken vän vi -ha i Jesus

side D
D1: MISSION POSSIBLE – Mission Possible
D2: DUNKERSGRUPPEN – Herre låt mig förstå -
D3: VATTEN – Du kämpar
D4: INGAMAY HÖRNBERG – Kärlekens sång
D5: NEW CREATION – He Is There



This 2LP collection presents some of the best and unique music that could be found on rare records released by the Swedish Christian communities between 1969-1979. Between doubt and faith, there was way out pop, gospel, rock, psychedelic sounds and hard rock with wah-wah fuzz guitars and conga rhythms. The common determinator: to spread the Christian message through music.

Several of these cuts are from ultra-rare records that are known only to collectors, while others are from records so obscure that only a few copies are known to exist.

One can compare some of the musical expressions of the Swedish Free Churches with the burgeoning Swedish "progg" music movement of the time. They share the same experimental musical moods, lyrical messages about love and community, justice, and international solidarity, but the recordings presented here also incorporate the Holy Trinity.

Like the man it praised, much of this music was misunderstood in its time. But to a new generation of listeners, whether they seek salvation or soulfulness, these tracks may be a gospel that finally reaches its true believers.





Best archival release of 2022 — and it's only March! Fantastic collection of private press Xian crap dollar-bin folk psych funk jazz rock. Every track is memorable and a winner. The booklet is filled with great info and awesome pictures of dorky god-fearing Swedes and is worth the price of admission alone. The pressing itself is excellent although there were a few seconds of crackle at the start of every side.



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