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Tytuł:Prison Bitterness

Wytwórnia:Seelie Court


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Prog - rock . Psych - rock

Karakorum  – Prison Bitterness  Limited to 500 copies + insert


Side 1
1. "Arnold Collins In Drag" (3:48)
2. "Living My Life" (3:02)
3. "Prison Bitterness" (4:04)

Side 2
1. "Breakfast" (5:18)
2. "When The War Is Over" (4:36)



Paul Cobbuld bass

Martin Chambers - drums

James Williams - guitar/vocals



Keith Moon is said to have been a big fan of the Karakorum band. Prison Bitterness is an album that captures their magic on the one and only surviving demo tape of their work from 1969. They were huge on the live circuit and were tipped to hit the big time but it never quite happened. They were too underground for the label that would have made that happen and every time you listen to their music it suggests a band who loved to smoke weed. Still, dark and introverted grooves and complex patterns define their sound, so you can certainly see the appeal.





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English label releasing Archival Recordings 1965-1978 by British and Irish Artists. Most of the releases are saved from unique sources and have not been previously issued. Genres include Progressive Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelia, Hard Rock, Experimental and the wilfully eccentric.
Audio Restoration is usually by specialist engineers Reynolds Mastering, Abbey Road is also used. All pressings are made on the original E.M.I Presses in London where the 60's Beatles LPs were pressed.
The label owns permanent rights in thousands of songs which are steadily being released, and is home to the Copyrights in the Complete Works of Dark makers of the worlds rarest rock LP.
Seelie Court is Vinyl only. Sub Label Seelie Court Digital releases CD versions. A Punk/Post Punk/New Wave label is forthcoming in 2022. Seelie Court does not use Shrinkwrap, Polylined Inners or any unnecessary plastics as a standard environmental policy. Mastering, Manufacturing and Artwork is all Made in Great Britain.


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