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Gimmix Cover

Wytwórnia:Long Hair


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Prog - rock  , Krautrock 

English version of LP "Ausschuss".

Gatefold LP + booklet in corrugated board cover


side A

1.TrashPercussion – Danny Bridgemen 22:10

side B

1   Mindshapers  3:00

     Bass – Anthony Grout-Smith 
2   Vicious Circls 6:16

     Bass – Anthony Grout-Smith

     Guitar – Mulo Maulbetsch

     Percussion – Danny Bridgemen

3   Annoying 2:52

     Lead Vocals [Solo-Gesang] – Karlheinz Großhans
4   Stranger 5:38

     Performer – Sylvia Nebel
5   Battery Farm 3:49



Bass – Ronnie Libal

Drums, Percussion – Günter Klinger

Flute, Recorder [Blockflöte], Alto Saxophone [Altsaxophon], Crumhorn [Krummhorn], Vocals – Cornelius Hauptmann

Guest [Gäste], Drums – Anonym

Guitar, Mellotron, Violin, Sitar, Vocals, Recorder [Blockflöte] – James "Till" Thurow

Guitar, Vocals – Detlev Nottrodt

Lead Vocals [Sologesang] – Mulo Maulbetsch

Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals – Karlheinz Großhans


English version of "Ausschuss".
Gimmix gatefold cover


Comes in original repro "Wellpappe cover" (corrugated board cover). This is a real sensation! Eulenspygel's English version of 'Ausschuss' was intended for release by Intercord in 1972, but never went beyond the status of an 8-track that had been produced for the American market. 'Trash', the title of the English version of 'Ausschuss', contains partly different mixes, consequently English vocals and was partly recorded with the help of English musicians. The recordings took place from 4.4.-8.4.1972 at the famous Apple Studios in London. The band enlisted the help of a bass player who had just worked in the studio for Ringo Starr or Rod Argent, and whose professionalism saved further takes during the recording. 'Trash' is the side long suite which is really a rock opera of sorts about orphans. It starts with a haunting intro with mellotron as spoken words join in. The music kicks in around 2 minutes followed by emotional and powerful vocals and flute. The atmosphere stops before 9 minutes as strummed guitar takes over followed again by flute and some heavy organ before 12 1/2 minutes with electric guitar, drums and a full sound. It then picks up with vocals including some chunky bass. It settles back 16 1/2 minutes in with floating organ and almost spoken vocals. Very powerful and opera-like. It settles again after 19 minutes with organ and a beat as the mellotron joins in. Incredible track! 'Mindscraper' is pretty straighforward. Vocals are the focus as the organ, drums and guitar help out. A great organ solo followed by the guitar solo later on. 'Vicious Circle' is a cool sounding tune with the vocals sounding more laid back as the drums and acoustic guitar offer up some energy. Sitar before 6 1/2 minutes to the end. 'Annoying' has a beat as reserved vocals join in. Very emotionally! The organ replaces the vocals but they switch back again after 2 minutes. 'Stranger' opens with organ as the guitar joins in. It kicks in hard around a minute then settles back with vocals. Excellent. Spoken words after 4 minutes then it all picks up again. 'Battery Farm' has a good heavy intro. Mellotron before 2 minutes as we get this haunting mood taking over. Guitar before 3 minutes then organ. Vocals are back late. The instrumentation on this album is as vast as well with some sitar, lots of mellotron, violin, flute and hand percussison. This is clever ever-changing '70s vintage krautrock which will make you smile! This might be just simply one of the best krautrock albums you have ever heard. Krautrock fans would do well to pick up this classics. This is a masterpiece of a krautrock album. If you are a fan of krautrock then you need to own this album! The LP comes with 4-sided cover-sized comprehensive insert sheet, bandstory, photos and all lyrics. Remastered from the mastertape. A highlight in Long Hair's history!



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