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RN - Realizacja Natychmiastowa oznacza że towar znajduje się na stanie magazynowym sklepu i zostanie wysłany do klienta w ciągu 2 - 3 dni roboczych

RM - realizacja do 30 dni

RC - realizacja może potrwać powyżej 30 dni

D - DELETED - produkt niedostępny - proszę nie zamawiać do momentu zmiany oznaczenia

W przypadku wybrania metody płatności: "Przedpłata na konto" klient powinien dokonać wpłaty dopiero po powiadomieniu przez sprzedawcę o gotowej realizacji zamówienia.

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Wytwórnia:Long Hair


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Psych - rock  , Psych - prog - rock

Nowa autoryzowana edycja albumu  z dodatkowym materiałem

Wydanie 180 gram

Remaster 2022



Side 1
1. "Funny Feeling" (2:54)
2. "Message From The Year 2000" (2:45)
3. "Green-eyed Lucy" (3:50)
4. "Josie" (2:38)
5. "Witch's Spell" (3:42)
6. "Norwegian Butterfly" (2:50)

Side 2
1. "Self Declaration" (6:06)
2. "Images Blue" (2:58)
3. "Storm On Way" (4:00)
4. "Madamoiselle Jackie" (3:59)
5. "Live For The Minute" (4:01)

Side 3
1. "Hush" (4:29)
2. "Images Blue" (alternate version) (4:31)
3. "Green-eyed Lucy" (alternate version) (3:50)
4. "Norwegian Butterfly" (alternate version) (3:03)
5. "Green-eyed Lucy" (original demo version) (3:51)

Side 4
1. "No Title (We Don't Know Yer)" (8:36)
2. "To Make You See Me" (6:20)




Bass, Vocals – Lance Fogg

Guitar, Vocals – Brian Lee

Organ – Steve Coe

Vocals, Drums – Tony Shakespeare



This is the first official re-release on vinyl of Complex's first album as a 2 LP-set under licensed courtesy of Cherry Red Records Ltd, UK. The first eponymous album by Complex is among the most sought-after artefacts of British psychedelia. Only 99 copies of the album by this Blackpool-based band were pressed. Despite the fact the debut album was recorded in November 1970 it sounds like it's a straight out of the Summer of Love. They tear open the album with a fire-breathing combo organ lead; 'Funny Feeling' is a 3-part tune revealing two factors of the Complex sound - intelligent and endearing compositions filtered through fuzzy, raw energy. 'Green Eyed Lucy's vibrating bass guitar groove helps strike the balance between blues, soul, and unbridled teenage garage. Gratuitous guitar shredding on 'Witch's Spell' and "sensitive" boppers like 'Norwegian Butterfly,' seemingly written to get the lead singer, whose confident voice is a sweet surprise, some groupie action. 'Self Declaration' features an epic Iron Butterfly-esque prog-organ solo and has lot of fuzzy quitar. Then there's the favorite track - the unexpected, wildly out-of-place but somehow perfect 'Josie.' It's a surprise that this group of white suburban kids could pull off a convincing reggae dancehall number, but a joy to hear the squeaky combo organ bouncing along with the ragtag orchestra backing this weird little number. Further highlights are 'Witch's Smell' and 'Storm On Way' both notable for some punchy organ work and strong vocals. In January 1971, they departed for Craighall studios in Edinburgh, and over the course of the weekend, re-recorded two tracks from the LP, 'Norwegian Butterfly' and 'Images Blue' (both are as bonus title on the bonus album). Long Hair's issue of this lost gem comes with a full-time bonus album (all titles are for the first time released on vinyl), containing some new remastered and better sounding alternate takes and a great cover of 'Hush' (Joe South/Deep Purple) from a 7" acetate from 1970 and on Side 4 two long tracks (over 8 and 6 minutes long) from a 10" acetate from 1972. This is really great music. The album comes with new improved remastering, full band story and rare photos in a 4 sided cover sized insert sheet. Don't miss this special edition!


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