Oznaczenie :

RN - Realizacja Natychmiastowa oznacza że towar znajduje się na stanie magazynowym sklepu i zostanie wysłany do klienta w ciągu 2 - 3 dni roboczych

RM - realizacja do 30 dni

RC - realizacja może potrwać powyżej 30 dni

D - DELETED - produkt niedostępny - proszę nie zamawiać do momentu zmiany oznaczenia

W przypadku wybrania metody płatności: "Przedpłata na konto" klient powinien dokonać wpłaty dopiero po powiadomieniu przez sprzedawcę o gotowej realizacji zamówienia.

Proszę nie dokonywać wpłaty wcześniej.





LP + insert with obi-strip


Rok: 1969/RM

Więcej szczegółów

135,00 zł

Hard - prog - rock


*Remastered sound

*Original artwork in hard cardboard laminated sleeve

*Insert with liner notes and photos/memorabilia

"...One of the strongest early heavy prog bands..."
– Aaron Milenski (Galactic Ramble)




Side 1
1. "Too Old" (5:01)
2. "Day Of The Change" (5:02)
3. "And Now The Sun Shines" (4:03)
4. "Gold & Silver Turns To Dust: Discovery/Sanctury/Determination" (6:51)

Side 2
1. "Return To Sanity: Breakdown/Hope/Conclusion" (8:00)
2. "The Reason" (3:35)
3. "I Can Stop The Sun" (2:12)
4. "When To Stop: The Traveler/Turning Point/Journeys End" (8:36)


Bass Guitar, Vocals – Mick Hawksworth

Drums – Ian McLane

Guitar, Vocals– John Du Cann


One of the key albums when talking about psychedelic hard-rock and early proto-metal, originally released in 1969. Featuring the great John Du Cann (The Attack, Atomic Rooster, Hard Stuff...) on guitar plus Mick Hawksworth (Fuzzy Duck, Alvin Lee) on heavy bass plus the powerful drumming of Ian McLane (Neat Change, Ray Owen's Moon).

Andromeda was formed during the final days of Du Cann's previous band The Attack, when he decided to go in a full heavier & proggier musical direction. Recruiting his friend/room mate Mick Hawksworth on bass plus drummer Jack McCulloch (of One In A Million, soon to be replaced by Ian McLane), the power-trio was born. After initial interest from John Peel (Dandelion) and Kit Lambert (Track Records), Du Cann decided to go with a major label, RCA, who offered him the chance to self-produce their first album. Recorded at Advision Studios, the impressive Andromeda debut was released in 1969, housed in a sleeve designed by John with photos by Gered Mankowitz. But despite receiving excellent reviews and the band playing lots of gigs (some of them billed above bands like Black Sabbath), RCA didn't know what to do with such a heavy rock band.
Tired of the lack of promotion and support, John accepted an offer to join Atomic Rooster... but that's another story.


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