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Tytuł:Vol 1: Already Now


Rok: 1977/RN

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Psych - rock 


Debut album by Korean psychedelic fuzz masters and the perfect introduction to Sanullim’s unique world.
Formed in the early 70s by the three Kim brothers while they were still in University, Sanullim managed to release their first album in 1977 despite censorship, misunderstanding from their record company and rudimentary recording techniques problems. Fuelled by piercing psychedelic fuzz guitars, Farfisa styled garage organ, keyboards and sweet melodies, the created a very unique sound, unheard in Korea at the time. Including some of their most iconic songs like “Already Now” and “"Likely Late Summer" (famous for its inclusion on the “Love, Peace & Poetry” series.

*Original artwork in hard cardboard sleeve
*Sourced from the original masters
*Insert with liner notes by Hugh Dellar (Shindig!) and rare photos / memorabilia

“Their debut album featured a blistering fuzz guitar sound that bleeds in and out of the mix as well as what sounds like a tinny Farfisa set behind the sweetest of pop vocal melodies, and the nine tracks stretch out into strangely hypnotic diversions. It’s easy to grasp how psych and garage heads coming to these tracks cold would find much to dig here, and also simple to see how the recordings could be mistaken for something cut many years earlier” – Hugh Dellar (Shindig!)



Side 1: 1. 아니 벌써 (Already Now) - 2. 아마 늦은 여름이었을 거야 (Likely Late Summer) - 3. 골목길 (Alleyway) - 4. 안타까운 마음 (Remorse) - 5. 그 얼굴 그 모습 (That Face That Look)

Side 2: 1. 불꽃놀이 (Fireworks) - 2. 문 좀 열어줘 (Please Open The Door) - 3. 소녀 (Girl) - 4. 청자 (아리랑) (Celadon - Arirang)

Side 1
1. "Already Now" (5:39)
2. "Likely Late Summer" (6:15)
3. "Alleyway" (4:10)
4. "Remorse" (4:09)
5. "That Face That Look" (3:23)
Side 2
1. "Fireworks" (4:01)
2. "Please Open The Door" (5:59)
3. "Girl" (4:12)
4. "Celadon - Arirang" (7:42)


Formed in the early 70s by brothers Kim Chang-wan, Kim Chang-hoon, and Kim Chang-ik, SANULLIM (whose name translates as “Mountain Echo”) took the Korean rock scene by storm with their unique sound, mixing demented acid-fuzz guitar, garage organ, crashing drums and catchy melodies. They’re probably the most influential Korean rock group ever.
Sanullim’s first three albums (“Volume 1: Already Now”, “Volume 2: Spread Silk on My Heart” and “Volume 3: My Heart”, released between 1977-78, have always been highly sought after by Western collectors and fans of psychedelic rock and they’ve also been featured in the famous Hans Pokora “Record Collector Dreams” books.


Bootlegged many times, we’re thrilled to present the first non-Korean official vinyl LP reissues. These have been carefully remastered in Korea from the original master tapes and then specially mastered for vinyl cut. The result is AMAZING, sounding even better than the original pressings! They also come with color inserts featuring detailed liner notes (in English) by Hugh Dellar (Shindig! magazine) and cool photos / memorabilia.
Along with these essential first three albums, we’re also doing a 2LP comp titled “Evening Breeze”, focusing on the most fuzzed-out, hard psych-pop-funk tracks from their post-1978 albums, selected by probably Sanullim number one non-Korean fan Antoni Gorgues of Guerssen Records and with a special cover design by Spanish illustrator Mario Feal.
“What made Sanullim’s sound so distinct was that they really had very little connection with what had gone before. A power trio that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, Sanullim crossed fuzzed-out guitars, chunky bass lines and pounding drums with poetic lyrics more befitting of Seoul’s basement folk clubs.”– Dann Gaymer (A History of Korean Psychedelic Rock: Echoes in the Electric Mountains)



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