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Tytuł:Live From The 70's

- Es ist nie zu spät

Wytwórnia:New Music - Green Tree

Rok: 1972/RM

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Time Of Commotion - Live From The 70's - Es ist nie zu spät


1 Requiem 15:26
2 The Boogie 5:52
3 Elegy 6:31
4 Fairy Tales And Other Stories 7:30
5 Glorious Enterprise 7:55
6 Space Orbit 8:02
7 Spectrum 10:18
8 Hey Hey Hey 3:14

Bass – Kilian Vedder, Uli Hüning
Bass, Violin – Günter Groß
Bass, Vocals – Herbert Janke
Drums, Vocals – Andreas Alba
Guitar – Natze Schöler*, Peter Drießen
Guitar, Vocals – Thomas Brendgens*
Keyboards – Hans Biermann
Keyboards, Vocals – Jürgen Wimpelberg
Vocals – Harald Lüdecke, Mike Fedeler


With Time of Commotion, an era came to an end 40 years ago. The band was one of the few serious German groups with real future prospects. It wasn't just the editors of the relevant trade journals who presented this appropriately: » The music of the Time of Commotion is hardly based on well-known models. It manages without the exaggerated bombast or the meaningless classical adaptations that were typical of German rock music for many years. « Quote German Rock Lexicon 1976: With Time Of Commotion, a new keyboard formation is introduced that must already be counted among the upcoming German groups. After long and laborious years of experimenting with a wide variety of guitarists, the group, which, according to Winfried Trenker from WDR, has long been an insider tip on the German scene, has found its definitive sound. This CD provides a well-sorted insight into the repertoire. Unfortunately, the live recording technology available was not the best, so a good ear and a bit of imagination are required if today's listener wants to transport themselves back to the 1970s. The group's music, characterized by the not-too-sparing use of keyboard instruments such as organ, synthesizer, electric piano and mellotron, did not adhere to the usual international "role models." Rather, it is still immediately clear today that it was an independent development that came from the band's long history. In the early stages it was the “classic” guitar formation plus organ, but over time the keyboards took over the main role. Over the years, quite a few recognized good musicians brought in their personal influences. TOC are musically active in the top German Krautrock league and have toured with, among others, Karthago, Eloy, Guru Guru, Hölderlin, etc. ... This CD is reminiscent of the eventful history of a German formation that always enjoyed a large following and was right from the start was able to rely on a very committed group of friends and helpers. Without them, the “ToC” adventure would not have been possible. Looking back, what counts is the fun that this adventure brought and the joy of what has been achieved.


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