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Rock ,Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Various – Open Up Your Mind: The Psych Pop World Of Rembrandt Records

01. The Nuchez - Open Up Your Mind (Previously Unreleased Mono Master)
02. The Nickel Bag - The Woods (Previously Unreleased Mono Master)
03. The Nite-Owls - Its A Hassle (Previously Unreleased Mono Master)
04. Monday's Children - Long Lost Friend (Original Stereo Master)
05. The Circus - Sands Of Mind (Unreleased Song, Original Mono Master)
06. The Circus - Games We Play (Unreleased Song, Original Master)
07. The Lemon Drops - Listen Girl (Previously Unreleased Mono Master)
08. The Lemon Drops - I Live In The Springtime (Original Mono Single)
09. The Lemon Drops - Sometime Ago (Previously Unreleased Version)
10. The Nuchez - Open Up Your Mind (Previously Unreleased Version)
11. The Nickel Bag - The Woods (Previously Unreleased Version)
12. The Nite-Owls - Hassle (Previously Unreleased Version)
13. The Nite-Owls - Hassle (Original Mono Master)
14. The Nite-Owls - Boots Are Made For Talkin' (Original Mono Master)
15. The Nite-Owls - Come On Back (Original Mono Master)
16. The Nite-Owls - Something You Got (Unreleased Song, Original Stereo Master)
17. The Nite-Owls - Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Unreleased Song, Original Stereo Master)
18. Monday's Children - Tomorrow (Previously Unreleased)
19. The Nuchez - B.G.'s One Eye (Origianl Stereo Master)
20. The Nuchez - Open Up Your Mind (Original Stereo Master)
21. The Nickel Bag - The Woods (Original Stereo Master)
22. The Circus - Reservations Only-Noah (Original Stereo Master)


'THE PSYCH POP WORLD OF REMBRANDT RECORDS 1966-1967' - 'Open Up Your Mind' covers the first two incredible years of Rembrandt Records, a Chicago based label. The first release in March 1966 was a bluesy garage-band novelty record titled 'Boots Are Made For Talkin'.' It was a parody of Nancy Sinatra's smash hit at the time, 'These Boots Are Made For Walking.' When the single failed to chart Rembrandt Records owner Reggie Weiss moved in a different direction, merging pop with psychedelic music, for the next single, 'Open Up Your Mind.' He wrote the song based on a LSD trip and response to the single was positive. Soon other psych-pop singles were issued featuring The Circus, The Nickel Bag, and Mondays Children. Cash Box magazine began plugging Rembrandt Records during the fall of 1966. However, Weiss was unable to secure solid distribution and could not compete with the larger Chicago based record labels such as Dunwich, USA, and Destination. By 1967, Weiss devoted all of his time promoting a high-school band called The Lemon Drops. He wrote another LSD inspired song titled 'I Live In The Springtime' for the band. Unfortunately, the single was unable to chart, even regionally. Over the ensuing decades though, the reputation of The Lemon Drops, The Nuchez, The Nite-Owls and other Rembrandt artists has grown immeasurably. This compilation contains all the singles issued on Rembrandt Records from 1966-1967, plus many previously unreleased versions and mixes that are appearing for the first time ever. The twenty-two recordings on this album make it apparent that Rembrandt Records was way ahead of its time when these treasures from the psychedelic 60s were recorded.


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