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RN - Realizacja Natychmiastowa oznacza że towar znajduje się na stanie magazynowym sklepu i zostanie wysłany do klienta w ciągu 2 - 3 dni roboczych

RM - realizacja do 30 dni

RC - realizacja może potrwać powyżej 30 dni

D - DELETED - produkt niedostępny - proszę nie zamawiać do momentu zmiany oznaczenia

W przypadku wybrania metody płatności: "Przedpłata na konto" klient powinien dokonać wpłaty dopiero po powiadomieniu przez sprzedawcę o gotowej realizacji zamówienia.

Proszę nie dokonywać wpłaty wcześniej.


IF ( UK )

IF ( UK )

Tytuł:Live at the BBC 2CD


Rok: 1970-72/RN

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Jazz - rock

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Remaster 2022


The innovative jazz-rock of If recorded live at the BBC - available on CD for the first time.

Two hours of BBC broadcast recordings from 1970-72.

In best sound quality and available on one carefully compiled set.

Includes a complete Radio 1 Sunday Concert presented by Alan Black.

Photo-laden booklet includes in-depth notes and new interviews with band members.



1-1   I'm Reaching Out On All Sides
1-2   The Promised Land
1-3   I'm Reaching Out On All Sides
1-4   What Did I Say About The Box, jack?
1-5   What Can A Fiend Say?
1-6   Your City Is Falling
1-7   I Couldn't Write And Tell You
1-8   Sunday Sad
1-9   Tarmac T. Pirate & The Lonesome Nymphomaniac

2-1   Upstairs
2-2   Sweet January
2-3   Forgotten Roads
2-4   Fibonacci's Number
2-5   Seldom Seen Sam
2-6   Far Beyond
2-7   Introduction: Alan Black
2-8   The Light Still Shines
2-9   What Did I Say About The Box, Jack?
2-10   Waterfall
2-11   Seldom Seen Sam


If was an innovative British jazz-rock outfit that "flourished in the early 70s and released a slew of critically acclaimed albums. Focusing on the period 1970-72, this superb collection from the BBC archives reveals the band playing with all the excitement and freedom engendered by live performance. Tenor saxophonist and "flute player Dick Morrissey, fellow sax player Dave Quincy, lead guitarist Terry Smith and vocalist JW Hodkinson can all be heard on this 2CD set which includes dynamic arrangements of 'I'm Reaching Out On All sides', 'Your City Is Falling' and 'Fibonacci's Number', together with a complete In Concert broadcast from 1972. Compiled by Colin Harper, after fifty years and more these historic recordings are at last available on CD. Dave Quincy and Terry Smith tell the story of the band in new interviews with Repertoire's Chris Welch in the comprehensive liner notes which accompany this essential collection. A perfect complement to Repertoire's existing If reissues.


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