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Rok: 1977/RN

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Electronic, Classical ,Modern Classical, Experimental

Clara Rockmore (born Clara Reisenberg, Vilnius, Lithuania, March 9, 1911; d. New York City, May 10, 1998) is generally considered to be the most accomplished performer ever of the theremin electronic musical instrument.
She was a child prodigy on the violin and entered the Imperial conservatory of Saint Petersburg at the age of five. She had a special theremin tailored by Leon Theremin himself to meet her unique requirements, which she then used to perform classical works. Under her control, the theremin sounded like a blend of the cello, violin and human voice.


Limitowana edycja . Wydanie 180 gram



side A

A1   VocaliseComposed By – Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff 3:46
A2   Song Of GrusiaComposed By – Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff 4:16
A3   The SwanComposed By – Camille Saint-Saëns 2:56
A4   PantomimeComposed By – Manuel De Falla 3:45
A5   Hebrew MelodyComposed By – Joseph Achron 5:23
A6   RomanceComposed By – Henryk Wieniawski 4:47

side B
B1   BerceuseComposed By – Igor Stravinsky 3:08
B2   HabaneraComposed By – Maurice Ravel 2:42
B3   BerceuseComposed By – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 4:14
B4   Valse SentimentaleComposed By – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 2:06
B5   Sérénade MélancoliqueComposed By – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 7:39
B6   Chant Du MénestrelComposed By – Alexander Glazunov 3:58


Consultant [Personal Engineer-Consultant to Ms. Rockmore] – Michael Jasen

Engineer – Michael Colina, Shirleigh Moog

Piano – Nadia Reisenberg

Producer – Robert Moog

Remastered By – Timothy Stollenwerk

Theremin – Clara Rockmore


Ltd x 500 hand-numbered copies.

Recorded July, 1975 at Producers Recording Studio, New York.
Original four-track recording and stereo mix-down were made with DBX noise reduction equipment.


Lithuanian-born violin prodigy Clara Rockmore became the best-known master of the electronic theremin after emigrating to the USA, her uncommon approach enabling its integration in the classical milieu even as she refined its construction. This landmark debut surfaced in 1977, when she was already 66; produced by synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog and featuring her sister Nadia on accompanying piano, 'Theremin' (aka 'The Art Of The Theremin') showed all the majesty and grace of Rockmore's approach to the theremin, her classical grounding and virtuosity enabling an emotive response from the instrument, with uncommon nuances of pitch, tone, and cadence. This one-off masterpiece is a musical gem ripe for rediscovery, a must for all fans of the theremin and anyone interested in the nexus of the classical and electronic forms. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.


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