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GONTRAN ( LP ) Francja

GONTRAN ( LP ) Francja


Wytwórnia:Wah Wah


Więcej szczegółów

145,00 zł

Folk - rock

Nowa autoryzowana reedycja albumu

Remaster 2023

Limitowany nakład



side A

A1   E3 Autobahn
A2   Si Un Jour En Voyage
A3   Greame
A4   Mon Premier Jour Ici
A5   Un Homme Silencieux
A6   L'Aube

side B
B1   L'Autorail
B2   Comme Avant
B3   Drôle De Ville
B4   Le Dompteur
B5   L'Envol
B6   La Nuit Va Bientôt Tomber


Bass – F.D. Aldonse

Vocals – Theodorine, Victorine


In his youth days, Gontran lived on the road. He describes himself as a member of the alternative hippie generation, not of those who claimed wanted to change the world, but of those who actually took an alternate way of living. He travelled, took any jobs available to make some money to live wherever he was, and wrote beautiful songs accompaining himself on guitar. From time to time, when the stars aligned, when there was the chance, he would rent some studio time and lay down his compositions, always in a pretty bare way with little arrangements added on the spot, mostly by musicians who happened to be there and who improvised their parts - one take, we have it. With this procedure he released Funambule in 1975 and L'envol in 1977. He also worked with Dominique Le Roux on a joint venture LP in 1979.

On offer here is the first ever vinyl reissue of Gontran's second album L'envol, recorded in two hours on a Paris studio with a bass player (F.D. Aldonse) and two female vocalists whose surnames have been lost in the depths of time - Victorine and Theodorine. As the other Gontran albums, it was self released in a limited run private pressing which has nowadays become an elusive piece in the collectors market - so rare that it doesn't even appear on Phileas Folk's great The French Folk Magic Time Guide book.

The beautiful music contained within is a delightful sample of  Gontran's excellent singer-songwriter qualities and his commitment to portray his inner world and livings through his musicated poems. He names as his biggest influences big names like Leonard Cohen, who he had the chance to meet and chat with when in Mumbai back in 1999, Bob Dylan or Jack Kerouak, but Gontran was centered in his  vivences and commited to his need to express himself that he really doesn't sound like anyone but Gontran.

Amazing homemade folk sounds from an artist who, ironically, was always traveling abroad and stayed little at home!

A very rare private pressing, recently featured in Hans Pokora's last Record Collector Dreams book, valuing an original copy with 4 stars!

The Wah Wah reissue has been made with the great help of Gontran himself and features a faithfull reproduction of the original album artwork with the addition of an insert with photos, lyrics and liner notes. It is an edition of 300 copies only!


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