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GEBARVATERLI ( Gebärväterli )

GEBARVATERLI ( Gebärväterli )

Tytuł:Im Tal Der Emmen

Wytwórnia:Long Hair


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90,00 zł

Krautrock, Jazz-rock, Prog- rock, Psychedelic -rock

Nowa edycja albumu  . Remaster 2021

24 - stronicowa książeczka


1.   Ich Bin Der Postillion D'Amour, Aber Meine Uhr Geht Vuur 8:28
2.   Der Don Juan Hat Seine Turnschuh' An 6:02
3.   Im Tal Der Emmen 5:06
4.   Schubi Dubi Kong 7:53
5.   Die Angespannte Beziehung Zwischen Einem Schmetterling Und Einer Distel 6:20
6.   ...ück Zurückspulen! 4:57

bonus tracks:
7.   Der Kaiser Von China Steht Weinend An

    Der Klagemauer Und Fleht Um Reichlichen Kindersegen 15:10
8.   Fragmente 10:17



Bass – Friedel Pohrer

Drums [Schlagzeug], Congas [Uncredited] – Yogo Pausch

Flute [Flöten] – Dieter Weberpals

Guitar [Gitarre], Design [Gestaltung] – Norbert "Slog" Kirchner

Organ [Orgel], Piano – Reinhold Weberpals

Saxophone [Saxophon], Bassoon [Fagott] – Mandi Riedelbauch

Trombone [Posaune], Artwork [Titelzeichnung] – Manfred Demetz



Titel 1-6 aufgenommen im Brutkasten-Studio Nürnberg im Frühjahr 1978
[Track 1 to 6 recorded at Brutkasten-Studio in Nürnberg in Spring 1978]

Titel 7 (Bonustrack) live aufgenommen im JazzStudio Nürnberg 1977
[Track 7 (bonus track) recorded live at JazzStudio Nürnberg 1977]

Titel 7 (Bonustrack) live aufgenommen beim Abschiedskonzert im KOMM/Nürnberg 1981
[Track 7 (bonus track) recorded live at the farewell concert at KOMM/Nuremberg 1981]




This is the first official reissue of this extremely rare album, originally released in 1978 on the Brutkasten label. A very varied fusion album, 'Im Tal Der Emmen' blends Embryo and Zappa/Mothers like rock and jazz mixtures, with a rich instrumental palette, full of solos and invention. Mostly it intended to sound like an instrumental Out Of Focus (Freeman Brothers in 'The Crack In The Cosmic Egg'). The album has this charming kraut/fusion style. The sextet line-up resulted in a very rich sound with technical drumming, smooth instrumental interactions and loose executions on flute, guitars and organ, not to mention the scratching sax soloing of Mandi Riedelbauch (who also played on Marsupilami's 'Arena' album from 1971). Moreover there are slight psychedelic underlines over a jazzy attitude, typical of the kraut rock stylings, featuring steady but frenetic rhythmic parts over extended instrumental solos. The band had however a good sense of melody to support their jazzy style with melodic trombones and some delicate flute lines in the more mellow segments. Every track in here seems to have its own hero, no matter if it's the keyboardist, the flutist or the sax player. They do remind of classic acts such as Kraan and Embryo pretty often with a touch of Supersister in the furious interplays. Interesting and at moments fascinating kraut fusion with decent interplays and plenty of well-performed solos. Recommended both to krautrock and jazz/fusion fans (Apps79, Progarchives reviewer). The two live bonus tracks on the CD released by the band, total over 25 minutes, and are very similar to the album itself, these tracks are stretched out with more room given for solo improvisation. But the melodic core of the song is never lost. Comes with 24-page booklet with bandstory, many photos and other memorabilia. The music was newly remastered! Don't miss this highly sought after but extremely rare album, it's a krautrock/jazzrock highlight.


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