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RM - realizacja do 30 dni

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Wytwórnia:Psych Of The South


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Psych - prog - rock . Hard - rock

Po raz pierwszy na CD

12 - stronicowa książeczka ( kredowy papier )


1 Your Mind (Doubt)
2 Got to Get Ready to Die
3 Steam Shuffle
4 Said, I Love Only You
5 Righteous Man
6 Songbird
7 See My Eyes
8 The Trail is Gone
9 Your Mind (Doubt)
10 America
11 Saltless Tears
12 Hey Friend
13 Working My Way Upstream
14 Your Mind (Doubt)

Rayburn ca 1972 : Steve Stephens, Mack Price, Robbie Carder, Jimmy Roberts


Rayburn was an amazing hard rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas that formed in 1970 and played in a moody and technical style with inventive songwriting. Their unreleased recordings are must for fans of underground psych and prog sounds. They recorded for Mega Records, an RCA records subsidiary, and got signed to the label. However, their success was cut short when the father of keyboardist/songwriter Steve Stephens (not to be confused with Steve Stephens of local television fame), bought out the band's contract with the label to derail his son's music career. Over the next two years, the band recorded at Jaggars Studio in Little Rock and for Steve Cropper's TMI studio in Memphis, but the band's second chance at fame continued to elude them. In 1974, guitarist Jimmy Roberts' life was cut short when he developed cancer at the age of 21. Three years later in 1977, the band reunited to record more songs from their early 70s era that they never got a chance to record with Roberts. For the first time in over 30 years, Rayburn reunited for a live concert in their hometown of Little Rock, AR in July of 2009. With the help of the band member's musical children, the 2009 version of Rayburn was a tribute and reboot of the original group with the meeting of two generations to celebrate the music of the past. At the concert, their reel to reel demos from 1972-1977 were released on CD, featuring a full color 12 page book compiled and researched by Harold Ott. This was a supremely talented group that was gone too fast and held back from the world. With this release, Psych of the South attempts to correct that injustice with a CD of 14 of Rayburn's original compositions heard here for the first time.


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