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RN - Realizacja Natychmiastowa oznacza że towar znajduje się na stanie magazynowym sklepu i zostanie wysłany do klienta w ciągu 2 - 3 dni roboczych

RM - realizacja do 30 dni

RC - realizacja może potrwać powyżej 30 dni

D - DELETED - produkt niedostępny - proszę nie zamawiać do momentu zmiany oznaczenia

W przypadku wybrania metody płatności: "Przedpłata na konto" klient powinien dokonać wpłaty dopiero po powiadomieniu przez sprzedawcę o gotowej realizacji zamówienia.

Proszę nie dokonywać wpłaty wcześniej.





(LIVE 1971-1973) (CD+DVD)



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Prog - rock , Jazz - rock

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Recorded live at The Torrington Finchley, London, January 21, 1973:
01. Hold Me Back
02. Holy Toledo
03. Singing The Blues On Reds
04. My Days Are Numbered
05. Tell Me Where You've Been
06. I'm Baroque
07. Shmairway Of Shmove
08. Flat Footed Woman
09. Turn Turtle
10. Peter Abraham
11. Loud Green Song
01. The Man (Beat Club Session January 1971)
02. San Antone (Beat Club Session January 1971)
03. Time To Die (Pop Deux Broadcast March 6, 1971)
04. I'm Only An Egg (Pop Deux Broadcast March 6, 1971)
05. Money Bag (Pop Deux Broadcast March 6, 1971)


Bass – Bernie Holland (tracks: DVD tracks 3-5), Clive Griffiths

Drums – John Halsey

Electric Piano – Mike Patto (2), Ollie Halsall

Guitar – Ollie Halsall

Saxello – Dave Brooks (tracks: CD tracks 1-11)

Vocals – Mike Patto


Audio and video collection of UK progressive eccentrics Patto at the height of their powers on stage in the form of a previously unreleased recording of the band rocking and looning at the Torrington in London at the start of 1973, plus their surviving TV appearances. The Patto's virtuosity and eclecticism are in full swing as they perform an inspired set which includes most of their (then current) third album, 'Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em', to an enthusiastic but intimate crowd. Includes a never released Halsall composition 'I'm Baroque' about their foreshortened tour of Australia supporting Joe Cocker. The previously unreleased footage includes the 'Pop Deux' broadcast from French TV and the full session for German TV's 'Beat Club' with blistering performances of 'San Antone' and 'The Man' - a song featured in the film 'Observe And Report'. For a band whose legacy only continues to grow, historical recordings such as these are valuable treasures that surpasses any sonic limitations.


Disc One Recoded live at The Torrington Finchley, London, January 21, 1973. Disc Two tracks 1-2 "Beat Club" session January 1971m Tracks 3-5 "Pop Deux" broadcast March 6, 1971.
Dedicated to the memories of Ollie Halsall and Mike Patto, And conceived with love for all the Patto freaks worldwide.


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